strong woman

Some Peace


I woke up rolling down a hillside.
Bruised, blistered and scratched,
No bones seemed broken
Though my head felt a bit cracked.

Laying there wondering
What day and time it was.
Motionless, since I still heard
Talking from the cliffs edge above.

I listened to their muffled sounds
Until I heard them drive away,
Then I sat up in the dust
Looking around at my grave.

I almost laughed out loud
Had it not been for the pain,
Remembering very clearly
How all of this had begun.

Standing up I felt the trickle
Of blood from my wounded back.
Never once considering revenge,
Marveled I had survived the attack.

Those who hurt me so terribly
Were as dead now to me,
As it was clearly obvious
They all wanted me to be.

It started out looking like love
Then turned into a toxic beast.
All this a result of me trying
To leave and find some peace.

Not dead, but free to vanish
And start a new life somewhere.
That cracked feeling in my head
Seemed to seep out all the fear.

That was the day I stumbled into
My future and left behind
The person and past that died,
Left to rot on that hillside.

So much has happened since.
New love and renewed living.
Not as trusting as I was before,
But more grateful and  forgiving.

Ria 2016