Training A Conscience


Rising like the phoenix

On the lifetime continuum,

Redefining mental dominion.

More than products of a gene pool receptacle,

When training a conscience to be comfortable.

Be elated to be honored

With the privilege of this life force,

Grateful to be part of the source

Where the positive prospective

Comes through to be projected.

Be delighted just to share

Moments of this eternity,

To exist simultaneously

With fascination in each timeframe

Where growing knows no restrain.

Be encouraged and persistent

Aspiring towards grand schemes,

To reach beyond any anxiety

While redefining the intricacies

Of utilizing all innate abilities.

Experiences may be puzzling

And distort some meditations,

But never altering all determination.

While continually receiving the lesson,

Moving on only after finding its blessings.

Never be impeded by a heart ill-at-ease.

Even in its negative degrees,

Know all the variations of self love.

Along with being those mentioned above,

When training a conscience to be comfortable.


Ria 2016