lady in red

I Wanted To Say


It still seems impossible

That this world could ever

Continue to revolve without you

Just this morning

I had so much to tell you

How every moment mattered

And why everything

That happened with us

Were the ingredients of our bliss

I had made a list

Of eleven thoughts

Of why we were perfect

Now you are dead and gone

And you’ll never hear

The words I wanted to say

Wherever you are

You may never read this

But here’s the list anyway

  1. You are beautiful in every aspect of your being
  2. I have found healing in your countenance
  3. Your voice is a warm balm to old wounds
  4. I feel free to be me with you
  5. The joy you make me feel inside, resonates in your absence
  6. The very thought of your presence makes me smile
  7. I see your face when I close my eyes
  8. When you call, my heart races a million miles
  9. I’m encouraged by your faith in me
  10. I am grateful for our growing
  11. Everyday with you makes life sublime

How could life

Ever have denied us

Our together forever

Love must really hate me

Having robbed us of this

After only these few years


Ria 2016