voodoo queen



It’s no longer a riddle

Why you mouse around others hearts.

Leaving holes in peoples life’s,

Gnawing here, droppings there.

Scampering across sacred places,

Making a disastrous trail.

While the weight of your actions

Become burdensome on your shoulders.

From the unimaginable heights

Of a promising young genius,

Who bypassed all expectations

And was then the envied talent.

With skills so unique and special,

They were the ticket to world tours.

Flirting backstage like the others,

Gobbling down the little perks.

Taking interest in older groupies,

Repaying their kindness with sex.

Gigolo for their money while

Always pursuing other love interests.

Now the joke of your industry

They too have found you out,

As what has dried up your inspiration

Is obvious behind your pained smile.

No gods will let you bypass

The reaping of your manipulation.

No amount of psychoanalyzing others

Will rescue you from yourself.

Now pondering your inabilities

Knowing for sure you’ve been hexed,

By that voodoo queen you abandoned

Who kept your soul when you left.


Ria – 2016