A Good Spectator


Out here on the sidelines

It’s never for a moment

As boring as expected

Something is always

Happening in the center

With a clear view of it from here

And one of the best things

Is how no matter what occurs

The outer edges are unaffected

Great thing for an observer

To be free to react unnoticed

By those in the spotlight

On the fringes its also safer

Whatever burns in the heart of it

Never makes it hot out here

The periphery is where

What happens doesn’t matter

Or it’d be flung into the limelight

But here’s the downside

It’s dark out here as expected

Away from the bright lights

And the further it gets

From the center cluster

The more sparse neighbours are

As much as can be seen

Little of the sounds are heard

So it’s open to interpretation

And though it’s safer there’s fear

Of some random happening

That catapults us into the middle

The most unexpected thing

Is that if it does happen

Few are ever ready

Since the scenarios from afar

Makes for a good spectator

But rarely ever much more


Ria – 2016