Denials Dance


Denial is the devil

She had been dancing with

And though it swirled her about

She had a few steady moments

To see her joy waiting

Beyond its shoulders

There was no music

Only an arm around her waist

And another holding her hand

Swaying her to and fro

In a grip that she felt

Was way too tight

Every time the pace slowed

She attempted to free herself

From the unwelcome embrace

But denial has a way of

Making resolve seem so strong

Until time comes to decide

That devil even proposed

She accepted to spin forever

On the cold empty dance floor

Where broken promises were

Scattered in shiny splinters

Under her bare feet

She had been forced

Into this strange waltz

By some well meaning idiot

Who found it necessary

To ensure his interpretation

Of what made her happy

Now she had to find

Every bit of strenght in her

To make that choice

To move towards her joy

Even though the splinters

May cut and pierce her sole

Many times she had taken

The first few steps away

But pain and fear forced her return

And she clung to denial

At first with much relief

Then cursing her own weakness

She’d grown tired of it all

The things that her denial

Refused her leave to enjoy

Which were as important

As all the time and money

Wasted in this struggle

The choice became much easier

With dancing out of the way

As that devil died the instant

She stopped depending on

Denial to embrace her

While keeping her joy out of reach

It took making the decision

Every single time she was faced

With reaching for her joy

To bare the injured sole

And fight the devils grip

Then end denials dance


Ria 2016