By Enkel Dika - The Balance

 Seesaw With Me


The voice in my head

And the directives of my heart

Sometimes differ greatly

My head thinks things

But my heart feels others

Both tending to disagree

The trouble starts when

My heart, forever young and free

Takes control of driving me

My head will not have it

Being the master mind

And keeper of my temples

When my heart runs headlong

Into unfamiliar territory

And places in doesn’t resemble

It is my head who must

Come to my rescue

With all the logic it can assemble

If my mind is in a frame

That gives rise to the feeling

That there is no escape

Then my heart beats

Against the borders until

It breaks down all barricades

My head and heart

Both know quite well their role

In improving my general state

They work so well together

But not as often as they should

Cause my head is temperamental

And my heart has a way

Of holding in too much

And getting rather sentimental

However they both balance

This seesaw with me, finding

Equilibrium in the transcendental


Ria 2016