Lessons & Medicine


Now that I have your attention,

That punch in the throat

Was just to share a lesson

On the topic of pain.

I guess I’m supposed to say

That I’m so very sorry,

And show regret or remorse

Or whatever the horses ass.

Then you’re expected to

Forgive and forget,

So everyone feels better

In the aftermath.

But your throat still hurts,

And you’ll always suspect

That I may eventually

Assault you again.

Yet you will try to be

Understanding of my issues,

Though always on guard

For a violent outburst.

I can hear you now thinking,

She’s having a bad day

Or taking out her problems

On me for whatever reason.

Trying to figure out

If in those questioning moments,

There can be any connection

Between love and pain.

Over thinking, and speculating

All my actions and me.

Psycho analyzing my behavior,

And missing out on the lesson.

So I’m going to spell it out

A. Sorry is not a pain killer

B. Understanding won’t change it

C. Forgetting pain is never easy

The last but not least,

D. The trust that is broken

Can never be returned

To the way it was before.

You claimed that you don’t get

Violent against women,

At least not with your fists.

But pain is pain isn’t it?

When you bare emotional fangs

Dripping with venomous words

And sink them deep into my heart

The agony kills pieces of me.

Breaking promises made to feel

Like the crushing of my bones.

And your lies flood my hopefulness

To flounder near drowning.

But that’s my pain, not yours.

And its sad that the only way

To arrive at this conversation,

Was by a dose of your own medicine


Ria – 2016