Our Private Language


He was passing in a crowd

While I sat in a packed cafe,

Our eyes met once

And we held the stare.

In the next moment

He was sitting beside me,

Having peppermint while

I sipped ginger tea.

We sat in silence

Smiling with our eyes,

Expressing longing and hoping

And our deepest desires.

Gently he takes my hand,

We leave the noisy crowd

To sit together alone

And enjoy some wild flowers.

And then it happened,

He leans close to my face,

Our foreheads touched

Sealing a new bond made.

That was the very moment

We committed to our forever,

And the vow still holds

So many moons later.

Many words came after

Being assured of  our advantage,

Having found each other

In our own private language.

Since then we had become

One pulse of energy connected,

A united force flowing

In one vain unobstructed.

Locked in our special frequency

With each other unreservedly,

By the way we tuned into

One another consistently.

Truth is we’d been searching

For answers in our silence,

When we found them all

In each others presence.


Ria – 2016