Dorina Costras

Dream Catcher

Have you traveled the other

Worlds in your mind

Sometimes swinging

From the crescent moon

Have you seen the sun melt

Into a horizon of oranges

Then enveloped by

The brisk fall of dusk

Have you skipped by

Large twinkling stars

And ran near naked

Covered by nights darkness

Have you slept at the bottom

Of the softest river beds

After floating adrift

On the blue blanket of oceans

Have you jumped from

One mountain peak to another

And heard the conversations

That tree roots like to keep

Have you had breakfast

By a young stellar nebula

Then stayed for dinner

With its supernova

Have you skied on rainbows

Or waltzed with lightening

Had the company of dragons

And made unicorn friends

Have you caught anything

In your dream catcher

To be kept as a reminder of

Where fantasy might lead


Ria 2016