maria painting

Feared Hunter


Running fast and far,

Breathless burning chest

Heaving, half filled with air

Petrified by the chase

Feet somehow still move

Quicker from being pursued

Lung reduced by fright

A fraction of its capacity

Making it hard to think

Nothing to hide behind,

Glancing back at all

The distance closing in

Knees buckle, feet stumble

But dare not fall

Into paying like prey

Legs becoming weak

Heart pounding loud

Still scampering on

Shadow looming larger

Anxiety powers the rush

No oxygen to scream

Then I wake and sit up

Face streaked with tears

Sheets damp from sweat

Terrified feelings fading

Along with the feared hunter

That torments my rest

But it’s a sweet relief

To have won this time

Outrunning my pursuer

It can only end with bravery

When awake I face my fears

Will they not hunt me in my dreams.


Ria 2016.