Nathan Oliveira's painting Couple with Red

Our Brilliant Glow


We know what makes

The hard outer shell

But shy away from

All the matters that

comprise the inner core

In truth they are

Tender burning issues

Highly sensitive factors

Smoldering in areas

We choose to ignore

Shielded underneath

What took years to build

Dense by layers of solid

Insecurity swirling in

Pretentious social circles

We find our distraction

By mostly paying attention to

How well other shells fit in

Which ones stand out

But never the cracked ones

Protecting our shells

By ignoring the imperatives

And never projecting efforts

Into tending to what

Lurks beneath it all

Under the burden

We created we cower

From the boiling newness

Awaiting it’s exposure

If only we would break inside

Too tiring to ignore

That no rejuvenation

Will ever come until

The freeing of our flames

That rage beneath the surface

To be propeled by

Our own inner furnace

Shells are forced open

By the free flow of our essence

Which reignites dying embers

Causing that outer shell

To fall away in the heat

Of our brilliant glow

From the best of ourselves

When we release it from us

Ria – 2015