I An’ I



Reflecting awareness

Enlightened consciousness

Is the connection of we

That are beings know

Words vaguely portray

This currents flow of energy

To experience is to gather

Inclinations of a vibrant synergy

The positive force

Proliferated in each atom

Existing by perpetually

Modifying illumination

Emotions intricate and divine

Preconceived in the seeds of time

Bearing fruits of varying kinds

With roots buried deep inside desires

Processing the now

Accepting every instance

Enjoying the present’s value

One moment to the next

Essentially a series of complexities

From atoms colliding into their destiny

In accordance with inexplicable bliss

Echoing into eternity

Free from form

Impelled to change

Evidence of the times

Reality rearranged.


Ria – circa 2006

(A Note – My understanding of a phrase used by Rastafarians – ‘INI’ (I and I) referring to the acknowledgement of the universal conscious collective.) – Blessed Love