Niloufer Wadia -Mirror Mirror 2010

Reflections From Old Mirrors

I am no longer afraid

To look at myself

In my mothers mirror

Or feel the cold silver handle

Balanced center in my palm

I hold it upright

And smile wide at me

Reflected in the spotless oval

I smile back

And suddenly remembered

How much my mother

Had strongly believed

That the good she did for others

Would stock stores of blessings

For her own children

But time made me realize

That there were no awaiting

Stores of good deeds

From which our offspring

Could take stocks for themselves

And each would know

The opportunity cost

For the returns on investment

That would come their way

According to their own doing

I smile with myself again

Then put the looking glass back.

Not afraid anymore of

Other reflections that come

With looking into old mirrors


Ria – 2015