Legal Tender


Greasing every wheel,

It makes the spinning easier

For dreams of being stars.

Multimillion fears,

A dagger in many hearts

Piercing hopes of wealth.

No lofty heights

To be gained without it,

Up the fabled ladder.

And with all its demons

And things that are not joy,

It runs many life’s.

Ever present thoughts

Of being both with

And without its influence.

Many now convinced

It’s most fundamental

In expressing care.

Eating daily from the tree

Fruits nourished by

The root of all evil.

Modern day mammon,

Whose worship is flaunted

In wasteful extravagance.

The reason wars rage,

With the specific cost

Of the life of loved ones.

At its most callous,

Still widely honored

As legal tender.

Specially printed notes

Given financial credibility,

Determining trade value.

As much as it is useful

For cushioning life’s thorns,

Money as easily entangles.


Ria – 2015