These calluses I got walking

The straight and narrow way

Striped and burn on occasion

All these red blisters

Tender to any touch

Stung and made me wince

The bleeding bruises

That wept into stained bandages

Pained me too often

And I thought it through

Every instance of our time

Wasted in a fear fueled farce

Unwilling but being forced

To take the crooked path

Down the dark and dangerous

Knowing there’s no right

Even from a justified revenge

Trying to outdo your evil

When times healing of wounds

Was complete and I recovered

There was only pity for you

For what could I ever do to you

That does not already await you

From those previous actions

All I had gone through

Was necessary so far

To break away beyond us

It would have been simpler

Pretending you were dead to me

And peace was my inheritance


Ria – 2015