by Albert Madaula

Words From Ever After


I will not rest in peace

Unless you play your part,

And help to keep alive

My best left behind .

Gone but not too soon

It was my time to go.

Plus if not me, then

Who would you propose.

I’ll be soon forgotten,

No white candle and incense

To honor my memory

On my transition days.

And the condolences

Sighed with such sadness,

Could not foretell how little

You’d mention me after.

But I cannot rise from

This eternal slumber

To make you know

The infinite matters here.

I have since considered,

That only if I haunt you

In your thoughts and dreams

Then I’ll be always in your heart

This is not a better place

Where I have now gone

Just the only other place

For this new form of me

There is so much here

That now fully demands

Every bit of my attention.

As well, your life goes on.

But when you think

Of me in passing,

Know that I too think of you

Just then as well.

When time brings you here

We can discuss the details of

What the light we walked towards

Leads to and exits from.


Ria – 2015