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Human Virion Relations


Continuous is their passing

From one host to another.

It’s vastly misunderstood

Even at this present time.

Thought being thoroughly

Studied and monitored,

By many scientific researchers

Its origin remains unknown.

And it was bothersome

To man who realized that,

Knowing their location

And action was not enough.

Dangerous when active,

They floated in the air

Or waited on surfaces

For a chance to infect him.

After their hijacking

Of suitable live cells,

Their primary goal inside

Is to at all costs reproduce.

It uses various methods

Releasing genes into its host,

To increase dominion

Over his vulnerable DNA.

Man had every reason

To fear their presence,

And how eternal it became

Should it enter his being.

Outnumbered by millions

And many knew as much,

Because it occasionally shared

New versions from its evolving.

In one change of a generation

Man saw how its passing

Had in its way influenced

What mutated traits carried on.

Knowing it was here

Long before him waiting,

And would prevail long after

Everyone was gone.

Then it will stay dormant

Awaiting whatever new host

That must come after us

To impinge upon them as well.

Man still horrified by it,

The smallest infectious thing

On his planet where viruses

Hold preeminence over him.


Ria – 2015