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Dreams & Intersections


I dreamt I received a pair of fertility dolls

from the man who would father my sons.

In my dream I hand carved a bamboo table,

topped it with wicca under a white cloth.

This is where I placed them, dusting away any webs

come to tangle their productivity.

It seemed as though receiving them naturally meant

putting them in the bedroom that we shared.

Our first born boy was as far as I knew,

a direct result of the gift of the gods at our table.

Interrupting a journal entry one morning

my water broke to our second son.

Then I woke up and lay there clearly recalling

the happiness but only shadows of their faces.

I have had many dreams since then

yet never met that man a second time.

However, his loving countenance and the way

our souls complemented each other remains indelible.

At first I thought we’d meet one day by accident

and guessed when that auspicious time must  be.

Eventually it dawned on me that with love and dreams

there are no coincidences only driven passions.

With much to be done along the way in preparation

for when the love of our dreams and our life intersects.


Ria –  2015