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Their Sweetest Chirping


Never having revisited

Where the last stop was made

After that awkward take-off

From the original nest

Flying so far away since then

With some of what hatched there

Every joy recorded and safe

In feathered sturdy lockers

There they’d been secretly fearful

After being witness to the sorrow

Of lost keys and combinations

Locked from any access inside

They received much pity while

Scouring memories for old joys

Appearing so absolutely forlorn

Knitting brows in concentration

This flight has taken many miles

Between them, then and now

With much weight on weary wings

Or perched among sturdy boughs

Only hoping not to be so unlucky

As to fall to the predators

For a caging in stomachs or steel

But to complete my journey

And be taken after an old age to

The life which follows this one

Leaving this vault of ebullience

Securely kept or later discovered

If not so fortunate then to go

With broken claws and beak

Fighting to the last breath

Against any bars of entrapment

But pray it never is the agony

To fret away my final days lost

Like those I left behind there

Who’s past delights eluded them

Impregnable the melody

To their sweetest chirping

Repressed by the crestfallen

Fluttering through deaths door


Ria 2015