De la serie niños de África

The Babies


The babies were together

Giggling, cooing and happy as ever

With joy and love and peace

On the gods back verandah

Ever so often they are sent

Back to the planet earth

And enter the worldly realm

Through the process of birth

They bring with them

The promise and expectation

Of what would become

For others new relations

Some would arrive at last

After parents longed and waited

While other came as a surprise

Having not been anticipated

For many they were

A dream come true to be

The tiny shoulders meant to

Carry on an age of legacy

And some hosts felt they were

The targeted troubled few

A culmination of their worst

Nightmares becoming true

The babies still departed

The verandah in their innocence

To mirror in this time and place

The best and worst of parents

Some babies never make it past

Their nine months of gestation

And returned to gods verandah

After miscarriage or abortion

Others emerged into the present

With what had been called defects

Yet the love they brought with them

Was no less than absolutely perfect

The time spent off the verandah

Below 60 days or up to 90 years

Were set in motion for a reason

We forgot while growing our fears

Either way we all return

To where we came from initially

Babies on the gods back veranda

Recycled for earths souls as is necessary


Ria – 2015