john brambitt

Between Us


Before you, there was

Only a misty fog.

You were the beginning

Of all the elements

That arched across

Life’s aging acres

Letting in light

And infinite beauty

Before you, this seemed

A mere preparation

For what our eternity

Would come to know

As the joining

Together to complement

What had long been united

Ahead of present awareness

After you, there was

A heady assuredness

Which guarded the fragility

Of what blows mist away

To be swallowed up

And digested like the past

Forgotten nourishment

That now strengthened things

After you, all else

Was weighted on the

Other side of the scale

Balanced by our hearts

And still to date

No matter has ever come

Close to bear level when placed

Opposite to what’s between us.


Ria – 2015