Artist Corey Barksdale

How Paths Cross


The commonality that binds humanity

Within this life and all that it entails,

Is experiencing the elements we share

Born and bred, then ignoring details.

Neurotically fearing our end

When not feeling much a part of the whole.

Molecularly we’re practically the same

Important parts of what destinies hold.

Proudly denying our interdependence

Pretending we are not one mind.

In our capitalist economic death sentence,

Entombed in debt temple shrines.

Away from innate to blind performance,

We no longer see how paths cross.

Electing leaders for guidance

Who themselves are lost.

From the moment of conception

Till we transcend this continuum,

All are blessed since our inception

To balance this life-cycle’s equilibrium.



Ria – circa 2000