Jim by William H. Johnson

His Laughter


Marvin decided to plan

On what to do to those fools,

When he saw them again

On his way back from school.

Most evenings he ran

Taking the longer way.

Getting home tired,

Sweaty, but mostly angry.

For feeling like a coward

As he caught his breath,

Sitting on the steps

Near his front door.

He would go inside

With revenge on his mind,

Until one day he decided

On how to get back at these guys.

To put an end to the harassment

Or it would never stop,

And he spent every moment

Fine tuning his plot for payback.

Today was the day

As he turned on his street.

He started walking towards them,

The four guys who stood chatting.

The first to see him coming

Laughed and said to the others,

“Well if it ain’t this punk?

Fool! Pay or you don’t pass!”

Marvin quickly responded

“Not today, Pay my ass!’

The leader of the idiots

Grabbed him by the collar,

“What did this boy just say?”

Marvin pushed him off

And shouted, “Are you all vines

Why ya’ll leaning on me all the time?”

“You parasites, taking my coins,

Hustling me every evening.

Ya’ll must think I’m your daddy,

Or I owe your momma something!”

People heard the shouting

And many started to laugh,

Marvin started laughing too

Catching the clowns off guard.

Marvin suddenly got dead serious

And said in a low tone,

“If you hassle me again

I’ll kill one of you assholes.”

Never doubting it was true

After that encounter,

Marvin had no more trouble

From those thugs anymore.

They remembered his father

Was a cold blooded killer,

And Marvin was just like him

They had heard it in his laughter.


Ria – 2015