1972, Brian Rolf

Since Past Lifetimes


Numb, almost frozen until

My fingers warmed again

From the awakening by

New stems of brain cells

And I try to think how to

Incorporate the three

Thoughts, words and deeds

At better intersections

Sweaty moist palms

Rubbing each other dry

With another bright idea

Which feel so right

For the first time

Within the depths of me

Willing me to do more

Soul searching into that

In exact instances of existing

Actually rising at that moment

To take the first step

Into the dream I dreamt

From since past lifetimes ago

Still hearing the steady drumming

Of a heart filled with the rush

Preparation done for every now

And what hasn’t melted away

Remains when slips of the mind

Will speak reminiscently of

This moment in the future.


Ria – 2015