jonathan green Sea Swing

Momentous Gathered 

As a child I would keep

My favorite treasures stored

In a secret place I thought

Was rather clever and secure

I would often look at each

Feeling it between my fingers

Thinking what each did mean

To be kept in this special manner

Bruised and broken to fit

Where folded dusty wings

Among petals and pages

And a myriad of other things

I would later grow to learn

That not all momentous gathered

Are fit to be collected or

Can be kept in this manner

For the ones I held most dear

Could not be kept in a box

They must breathe and grow

And would surely break the locks

Bent into awkward shapes

Forced into compact spaces

Gasping for shallow breaths

Eyes wide open in the darkness

Only in our memory vaults

Will our loved ones survive

Otherwise dying in the process

Losing the life freedom provides

Ria – 2015