The Fattening Of The Fear

Don’t feed the fear.

Encouraging the hatred,

Will get us nowhere.

Gone through the gate,

We must catch the horse

It is never too late.

But like all dis ease

We shall not be cured

With more injuries like these

We must take time

To find what causes

Some to have murder in mind

No use in blaming

When those lives’s lost mean

More than the pain remaining

It is our humanity

That is under attack

Testing our love capacity

Humans form your fortress

For we have no room to fail

With the goodness we possess

Every continent, every country

Every one has had their share

Of the death and misery

They hold humans by their brains

Electing representation with no balls

While terror continues to reign

The fear we feed is getting fat

And pressing us into life’s corner

Awaiting the next attack

If survival is our nature

Then we already understand

How best to secure our future

Ria – 2015