Stop Listening

I was having so much pain

In the back of my brain,

That I had barely noticed

How empty was their speech.

Me, hoping for something more

Than all they said for nothing.

Nothing is worth the effort

Of even openness and honesty.

But for gossip and arguments,

Some would never speak.

Even then they don’t have

Much of anything to say.

Say in good faith I’ve tried

Being tolerant and empathetic,

Thought all efforts seem ineffective.

So I am resolved to the reality

That this must be unhealthy

To be causing so much discomfort.

Discomfort enough, to turn off their voices

And stop listening to their words,

Tuning them right out of my life.

Now my head no longer hurts,

But I am much more careful

To avoid the negative noise.

Ria – 2015