A Birthday To Remember

There are periods of time

We think we’ll forever remember.

Experiences burn into our mind,

But I can’t recall my birthday that December.

I do however recollect

That it was four months after

My mother had passed away,

And I felt like an abandoned daughter.

Lately I’ve been thinking about then

Trying to give that moment a name.

When I look back at those events,

It’s like the shadow of a flame.

Two months after that birthday

I had a daughter of my own.

That I remember clearly to this day yet

The preceding December a memory gone.

I feel a little cheated

Having to decipher this secret code,

Locked in the recesses of my mind

Using a script seemingly written with toes.

That was the year I turned twenty-five

Amidst two life changing tornadoes.

But that December resides in my mind, like

The silent spaces between spoken words.

Some events are more outstanding than others

Or only with some things it would seem.

My thoughts disconnect from that period,

Turned into the faded memory of a dream.

I doubt I will ever remember

How I celebrated my twenty-fifth year,

Aging between birth and deaths whirlwinds

All forgotten like a candle’s smoke high in the air.

Ria 2015