Wilhelm Trübner, Moor, 1873.

Old Playboys

He never started relationship

He only asked for lunch dates.

After this he offered dinner

Promising not to keep you out too late.

Saying he would drop you home.

And then without any warning,

Striking your name off the list

He made in his mind that morning.

You barely notice or care at all

That he seemed to have moved on.

And wonder how many others

He had brought out with his charm.

One evening you’re sitting in a bar

And Mr. serial dater walks in,

He sits with some younger friends

Quickly changing the topic to him.

To his captive audience

He boasted of his conquests.

Of dates with lovely women

Whom he would always impress.

You turn on your stool,

Realizing he doesn’t recognize you,

Starting to listen to his report

Others started listening too.

Then a group of ladies walk in,

He stops,frozen when he sees them.

The place becomes tense

And they walked right up to him.

They asked him kindly to come home,

He follows them to the door ,

‘See you all again next week,’ he shouts

‘For  adventures galore and more.’

The older of the three women

Step back inside the bar

Apologizing for her husband,

His daughters lead him to the car

The bartender explained

When the laughter allowed him

That is what happens to old playboys

When the senility sets in.

Ria 2015