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Talking To The Sun

Good morning sun.

For many dawns

I have forgotten to salute you.

In these days that I

Having abandoned myself,

Sink into old habits.

To divert my mind from

This cold awakening,

In the dark moments

Before your rising.

Remembering so little,

After spending so much time

Groping through dim

Faded passages away from

Dreams that fall below

The surface of things

I can scarcely recall.

And no amount of trying

Can shut out your soft light

Awakening all but memories

Had I been mindful

Of us both continually,

The moon would not have

Had its way with me.

Rising tides and flooding channels,

Swelling rivers and overflowing banks.

While I longed for the warmth

That you give at noon

Heating from crown to sole

And everything in between.

Good evening sun,

It was a pleasure seeing

Your beams today.

Now you set in your dusk

Coloring the evening sky

With assurance of tomorrow.

While we both rest and reflect

On our promises to each other,

Through that same moon

With us both, as always.

Ria – 2015