A Fictional Other

I’ll take a chance and dare to mention

At the risk of appearing archaic and rude,

What mass media beauty standards

for the modern women now includes.

  1. Attaching the hair of another being to your head

(be it human or animal, living or dead.)

  1. Shaving eyebrows replaced by drawings

(never able to recreate the effect the original arch gives)

  1. Attaching plastic eyelashes caked with mascara and glued in.

(the weight of which makes it difficult to open eye lids)

  1. Applying base, foundation and concealing the face under lip color and eye shadow.

(underneath it all is one face replaced by a fictional other)

  1. All skin must appear free of pores, moles, stretch marks, melanin and body fat.

(usually photoshop takes care of that)

  1. The highest heels and taunt elastic

(accessorized with brand names and pleather and plastic)

Real women outside magazines aspire to these beauty ideals.

Walking around with their face in their bags

filled with brushes, sponges, glue, pencils, powder and creams.

To maintain the look of the 21st century in-thing.

The factory made hair attached by needles or adhesives,

often shedding like a pet or a stinking tangled mess.

Lace front, mesh or stocking cap, fusion or sewn in,

at any cost must be on their heads nonetheless.

To appear to be the standard of beauty

that the media so readily dictates

requires buying into the look designed

to bury self love and self esteem in its wake.

Efforts foiled by things like, sweating  or rain.

The women not made-up  really don’t relate

to this unprecedented standard of fake

which seems to border on the insane.

Ria 2015