self paint

Matter that Matters

On the news stories come and go

but lives are affected more than most care to know.

Where are those taken hostage in human trafficking?

Are thirty year old refugee camps temporary things?

How can there be silent wars in the information age?

Has NATO become a relic of what it was on the world stage?

What happens after the genocides that are barely spoken of?

Why have the so called rogue nations failed to self destruct?

The selection of stories they chose to present

Comes from media houses guided by dollars and no sense.

Have any of the invaded nations been stabilized?

Did anyone even notice the mass deaths of marine life?

Are off-shore investor’s modern day invaders?

Are today’s terrorists any worst than yesteryears crusaders?

Can we discuss the effect of the five garbage gyers on this planet?

Will we ever hear about the matter that matters godamit?

Ria 2015