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Pimping The Common Wealth

She seemed painfully resolute

to remain a beautiful prostitute.

So they would come from near and far

to purchase pieces of her.

And in her ignorance

she would sell the best of herself,

signing away her means and ways

in lop sided agreements.

Stifling every avenue

that could save her,

and taking the dirty end

of every deal on the table.

An army protects her pimps from

the people who elected them as representatives,

exposing her children, elders and all else

to the horrors of their choices most destructive.

Remaining in a cycle of debt

and instructed how to repay

by generous pimps ‘leash holders’

as disclosed at parliamentary debates.

But history has taught

that old prostitutes don’t earn,

when they are only bought and sold

until at that age when they finally learn.

Political pimps will never do her justice

until her own people start making

more realistic and productive choices

and stop leaving her open for the taking.

Ria – 2013