The Fun They Had

Please come in

I’m glad that you made it

I’m expecting the others

Should be here in just a bit

There is an open bar

And a great buffet

Head on to the dance floor

We got the hippest deejay

As soon as all of the

Guest had arrived

The host did her rounds

To keep the festivities alive

Some people were dancing

Having themselves a ball

Other kept the drinks flowing

The ice sculpted goddess was tall

The invitation said eight to twelve

And when midnight approached

The guest started to take their leave

Relating the fun they had to the host.

Most of who were leaving

Had been at the engagement party

And present at the wedding

So inviting them came naturally.

At the door each received

A lovely gift with a card that read

‘Keeping the joy from start to end,

Memories of a divorce celebrated.’

Ria 2015