Moving into the gracious light of peace

Where at least there is a glimmer of truth

Routed through every blinding smile

Flickering but never far from the mind

Balancing on the verge of tomorrows dreams

Veneering over caverns filled with screams

Gliding down on beams of bright hope

Here, where there is little reserve

Falling into this abyss without a care

Letting go now the bonds of fear

Sitting astride the wings of life we flail

Wanting little more than not to fail

Shallow is the depths to which we’ll fall

Braced our backs on times immortal hands

Feelings wrapped around experiences spindle

Never prolonged will negativities mingle

Rising like a brilliant gigantic moon

Returning to the self not a moment too soon

Arriving in the place where love resides

This is the be-all end-all of goodness

Celestial, this garden of life in full bloom

Memories having never faded into the gloom

Securely embedded within the me of me

Storms no loner raging on the minds sea.

Ria – 2015