Drawing of Me (Ria) by Genesis Factor
Drawing of Me (Ria) by Genesis Factor

Six Hour Conversation – True Story

He said, ‘lets talk’

and I thought oh god

He says, ‘this wont be long.’

and I knew he was wrong.

I listened as he began,

Glancing at the clock

It was half past one,

I decided to take stock.

He said that something

Which I said had him bothered,

And that he’d been thinking about it

For months with info he had gathered.

From all my disappointing responses

To his coded questions on the matter.

I begin rummaging the past

Thinking through random chatter.

Or so I had mistakenly thought.

He went on to quote me verbatim,

Highlighting the challenges my comments brought,

And tell me how deeply they had hurt him.

The same clock told me it was three fifteen.

Sometimes I was tried to explain myself.

But his monologue was gaining steam,

As I was rarely allowed a comment.

I began to think of all my insecurities,

All my nightmares and all my fears.

And to think the worst thoughts of me,

Now close to being in tears.

Then things started to come out strange,

And the words from his mouth faded away

Before they could reach my ears,

Reconnecting into things he could not say.

And for the time that this went on

I wondered if what I was hearing was real.

He had again began to explain how

He was not saying that I was bad or mean.

Then something inside my head clicked

And it became clear as day to me.

Not only was it ten past six,

But I had solved the mystery.

You need to learn to love yourself

Or nothing will ever be enough.

Glad to get it off my chest

Those words crash landed rough.

It’s been years now since I’ve seen him.

How little we related in our relations.

Spent the time focused on a loving life

Not punishing six hour conversations.

Ria – 2015