sunshine blogger award

The Sunshine Bloggers 

Giving thanks that Sabah Butal for nominating for The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge in recognition of sharing positivity. Before I started blogging I never really got awarded for anything so I am grateful that you thought of me.

11 questions from Sabah-

-Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Introvert, and undercover recluse, secretly rebelling against the teens and the cat that make up my household. (oh dear I think I said too much)

-Are you proud of the person you are,or are you  still a work in progress?

Work in progress – Still proud of how far I’ve come and that I’m still going

-What would be the one thing you would do different,If you went back to high school?

I would actually pay attention – Staring is space does not make one an astronaut

-If you had three wishes,what would you wish for?

  1. I would wish for healthfulness of all. 2. I would wish for everyone to grow food for barter 3. I would wish that all travel was at no cost.

-Your best memory of your childhood vacations?

Family Christmas, from searching for an appropriate size pine tree in the bush, and making its decorations to opening gifts under it on xmas morning.

-Your happy place would be?

Home with my family is my happy place

-Your dream job would be?

My dream job is to not need a job but to do what I love for the sheer pleasure

-The top thing on your bucket list?

A trip to Africa

-What would you want written on your tombstone?

Free wifi

-Your favorite Disney princess? 😛

Err…my what?

-Reading a book or Watching a movie….On a lazy Sunday evening?

My Sundays are rarely lazy but I would definitely rather read a book.

My 6 Nominees – Sunshine Bloggers Sharing Positivity

Yes you all have been nominated again just so that you can answer my questions 🙂

Collet b

Peter George

Camellia Sentry

Lew-Ellyn Hughes

Kat Myrman

Sabah Batul

My 6 Questions to my Nominees –  (Yes,  I like the number 6)

  1. What is the fist thing that you think of doing when you have a free moment?
  2. What is your dream vacation destination?
  3. If you could share one gift with the world what would it be?
  4. What super power would you like to have?
  5. What would you change about yourself if you could in an instant?
  6. What would be your one instruction for a happy life?

Continue to spread the love to those sharing positivity across the bloggesphere. Blessed Love

The Rules:

Thank the person/people who nominated you

Answer the eleven questions from your nominator(s)

Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer