Inconsistent Shadows

They place you on the pinnacle

of their pedestal of ideals.

Within the scale of things they balance you

against the perfections they perceive.

They focus on your light and berate

the darkness as inconsistent shadows.

They use your yesterdays to judge today

and make predictions of your tomorrows.

Clearly they choose to ignore

the evolution of all duality.

The root of their misconception is,

not comprehending the flow of energy.

With ego and emotions they build foundations

to justify their thoughts and actions.

Ignorant to their own cycles

while trying to determine another’s reaction.

Acting blinded to the negative in us

will not make it go away.

No matter how often

the positive in us is praised.

Our issues must be thoroughly dealt with

every time they arise.

Being open to this awareness

brings more balance and less surprises

Ria – circa 2014