forest 1

From Forest

We knew that we could not run because we were planted here amongst many of our kind. Our branches brushed against each other and in some places water ran by our roots. The sunbeams stole through our canopy to the forest floor where many fallen seeds grew. And we watched in delight as our growing presence fed and housed so many. Then the surveyors came, leaving markings on some who felt somewhat special for the interaction. One dark morning before day break the sound of the machines rumbled towards us. Had we known what was coming, like so many of the animals did, we would run. If only we could have.

forest 2

To Lumber

The babies and young ones were crushed under the wheels of their machines. The elders were decapitated, disjointed and loaded up and taken away. The adults were uprooted, their limbs removed and chained together in bundles that were also loaded up and taken away. When they left, they lit a fire that erased the life of most of the little that remained. Those who survived the scorching whispered occasionally of what shocked them most. That their brother had been among the enemy, boasting an iron head, and his companions called him the axe.


Ria – 2015

I love trees and plant life. We all end up reaping their benefits, oftentimes with or without their permission. They give us their shade, fruits, flowers, medicine, food, fragrance, oils, air quality, among so many other things. Not to mention what we take from them, sometimes requiring the sacrifice of their life. I am humbled by their immense contribution to human existence. I know that many do not acknowledge their importance and take their contribution for granted, but I love trees and plant life.

Blessed Love

This is my response to Writing 101 Assignment for Day 13 – Compose a Series of Vignettes

I decided to try writing another short story, and use more images.