Muster A Rumble

Lightening brought her words back

With thunder. –

She noticed the blank pages but was never one

To grumble.

Lost behind a loveless glare, unable to

Muster a rumble.

Not even a squeak, from her heavens

Would steal.

Until those bolts crashed down giving

Sweet relief.

Her gifts had ripen under an ageless

Autum sun.

And every shadow of a doubt reminded her of

Winters darkness.

Revealing eventually to that glower, a spring time

Being born.

That required keeping her transitioning in

Written form.

The words were coming into her head

in droves.

Some, evaporating between

Mind and fingers.

Others taking shocking routes unknown before

That instant

While memories of the scowl slowly faded

In the distance.

Lightening brought her words back

With thunder.

Ria – 2015

This is my response to Writing 101 Assignment for Day 11 (Part 1)-Writing and Not Writing

When I am not writing it’s usually when I am lost in emotion, being tossed by it’s white water currents. And too caught up with surviving and catching a breath, to stop and express in written word. The words that do come out, they are not as sticky and sweet as I need them to be. They have a finely sifted powdery quality of carefulness, and feel somewhat forced.

To reset and return refreshed, I give my words and thoughts time to recover, ripen and return. I get on with life and allow the (parenting, the 9 – 5, the reading, the yoga, the cooking, the crafting and other) experiences to add to its juiciness.  Writing is my choice to partake in a delicious harvest after my storms and floods, finding where things come to settle in my sunshine, and making my peace with all of it.

Blessed Love

(Part 1) – Writing and Not Writing that asks-

What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?