to the moon

Take Me to the Moon

When first we landed

We were confined to our suits.

Accidentally a helmet broke

And they proved to be of no use.

Eventually the were all removed

Following, was a search for food.

Since the reserves were consumed

Sticking together for our own good.

We found a place and settled there

Thinking it was safe to stay.

But we were aliens and we feared

The hunger was just death delayed.

Some passed from life in their sleep,

The living left dehydrated and weak

More bodies to bury, no tears to weep

No one could find the words to speak.

Then the rains came, first as warm dew

And to the surprise of the survivors,

There surroundings looked renewed

As the life around us came into view.

It had cleared our eyes of earthling sight

And replenish all nutrients lost.

We found ourselves, in all now eight,

Washed clean, huddling on a hill side in wet grass

Then the only remaining child stood

Walked over, held my hand and smiled,

“We must remember why we came”, she said,

And mumbling all the others agreed.

We made our way down the slope

And noticed the showers had stopped falling.

We entered the village that had come into sight

To a scene that was most astonishing.

The tribe of pygmies welcomed us

Expressing joy that we survived the monsoon.

One elder woman stood and spoke, evoking silence

“Remember when first you said , ‘Take me to the moon’?”

Ria – 2015

This post was inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt Take Me To The Moon that asks,

How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you?

This poem is my response. Blessed Love.