body politic 2

Jamaica – Attention Body Politic

It is common knowledge in Jamaica that a national election will soon be held. It is also widely known that majority of the electorate make their decision more blinded by traditional following, than based on actual issues. Much voting is done based on a particular color, and for a leading head, rather than representative in the decision making processes involved in governance.

The issues arising during the years between elections seem to vanish from the memory of those heading out to the poles to vote. I dare not take on the task of reminding anyone of those years, but I do have a few questions to ask.

Have you been paying attention to the laws passed to govern you,

the budgets, the debates, the summits, and conventions,

the policies, the amendments, the treaties,

the agreements on trade and foreign relations?

Have those who you have elected to represent on your behalf been acting in your favor,

when the gather to effect change as boards, senates, councils, commissions, agencies,

with the taxes, the deductions, the interest and foreign exchange rates and numerous fees?

Who will address the unjust modern jurisprudence,

the negative mental constructs,

the failed economics,

the insolence to culture,

the social and moral decay?

Where are our heroes of today,

those willing and able to turn with the tides

into tomorrow’s better way?

The attention that is paid to who and what is being selected in the elections is something I hope to see increase. When choosing a government it is important to see how it’s related to the circumstances to which all will be relegated.

Blessed Love – ria