I felt like a tree

that life storms blew down

and all expected to die.

But there are roots,

connected to positive truths

that continue to dig down

and nourish this tree.

Barely alive as it seemed to be.

Broken limbs,

shattered branches

and scattered leaves.

Dusty on the dirty ground.

Thieves drained my sap

and stole my fruits.

And though they sit

on my trunk

still my blossoms bloom.

For it is not my

longstanding that matters,

as the rain makes muddy

even the newest buds.

But the life that persists

to reside within

as I continue to grow

in other directions,

persevering, undaunted.

Ria – 2015

Above is an embedded tweet and the poem that follows are the words that came to mind after seeing it.

This quote made me consider how importing writing has always been to me, be it therapeutic writing of my own or reading the writing of others. As a child after experiencing my first devastating hurricane, due to no electricity, I had no choice but to read. All that reading led me to a love of words that seemed to impel me to write. Writing eventually became an essential part of my life. It’s aided me and has been my avenue through which I could de-clutter my brain and express with honest clarity. The myriad of experiences that life has present for me has never been without my safety net, writing. No matter how lost I get on this journey, writing has always proven to be a ‘way back to life’.

Blessed Love – Ria

This is my response to Writing 101 assignment for Day 5

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‘Writing is not life, but I think sometimes it’s a way back to life.’ – Stephen King