What human beings should fear

is not that beings exist

elsewhere on alien planets,

but that those beings should arrive

and treat humans

with the same amount

of disregard

that humans have

for all the other beings

who they have

alienated on earth.

ria – 2015

Above is an image that is followed poem describing how it made me feel. The image made me think of how the other beings on this planet must feel about how they are treated by humans.

What humans do for their own advancement is too often at the expense of the survival of other beings. Many humans are far more concerned with their place in the socio-economical hierarchy than their role in the life cycle. There will always be arguments for progress and development. But not enough discussions about the disregard and alienation of the other beings on this planet that come with it.

This picture made me think of the despondency of other beings that survive having no choice but to share this planet with humans. The feeling of despair is only alleviated by the fervent hope that in their development more humans might become more compassionate beings.

Blessed Love – Ria

This is my response to Writing 101 assignment for Day 4

A story in a single image –  The image above is the one I chose.