Secrets tend to make things seem

more devious than mysterious.

What is confidential

will naturally be consequential.

To deceive another

in order to save face,

will cause missed opportunities

to experience their saving grace.

Be careful of those secrets

that are created and justified,

they increase fears and bitterness

while in darkness they putrefy.

Love is incompatible

with deceits corrosiveness,

and the thing that is most haunting

is the eventual loss of trust.

Since trust does not go all at once

but slowly evaporates,

turned into ghosts by secrets

as they accumulate.

ria – (edited) 2015

Above is a poem that I wrote about secrets.

How I feel about secrets has for a long time remained the same. I’ve never liked secrets, because it is not just withholding information, but involves other negative actions like lies and deceit.  I know that not all that is private is a secret, and we all have secrets. Weather it’s a family secret, a state secret, secret recipes or our personal closet of bones, their knowledge tend to cause anxiety.  Though often justified, secrets can cause painful miscommunication and hamper development of individuals and relationships. In order to maintain trust, openness and honesty there can be no secrets.

Blessed Love – ria

This is my response to Writing 101 assignment for Day 3

On Word Inspiration – ‘Secrets’ is my prompt of choice.