Anchor freed from root of nothingness,

and so much wasted time.

All energy spent, for restlessly seeking

release from this bondage.

Refusing stagnation, afloat in limbo,

more backflips past another blackhole.

Only to behold, all that is untold

of the hearts desires as they unfold.

To channel every atom and surmount life’s hurdles

While balancing its burdens.

Shackles broken now, no end to the means

of having everything imaginable.

Revolving on an axis destined for heaven.

Released, like seeds into the inevitable.

Emancipated and no longer relating

in any way to that half filled feeling.

The anchor fallen, showing signs of rust.

Its remnants only memories, powered with dust.

Tired, yet propelled by pure restlessness

towards being aglow, with consciousness.

ria – circa 2006