bronze girl

I write because…

I write because -Words crash around in my cranium and pour out my finger tips when I am pressed by some thoughts to turn them into written words.

I write because -It is liberating to put things down in words, and what is written bear my burdens and set me free.

I write because -I have always had an admiration for words, and how when written together they can have so much impact.

I write because -At times I am driven to write and some how put a thought into a tangible state, making it easier to revise, edit, or smile at, some other time.

I write because -When I do not write so much disappears from my mind leaving only a memory of having a thought worth writing down.

Blessed Love – Ria

Above is an honest account of why I write, in random order.

This is my response to the Writing 101 assignment for Day 1

Asking the question ‘Why do you write?’

Suggesting the response beginning with ‘I write because…’