My Jamaican Style

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‘Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.’

My Jamaican Style

Jamaican’s have a general style which can be loosely described as whatever is ‘in’ locally know as ‘a dis a wear’.  It basically includes any pattern, fabric, design or brand that is trending in the US that comes to the island and floods the market. For the young people these are must haves, for the middle aged these are necessary to remain current, but the elderly are thought to have lost their ‘age paper’ (birth certificate) when they appear in whatever is the trendy.

Not in “What’s in”

Personally, I’ve never been one to have much interest in whatever is all the rage in style and fashion. I keep my clothes comfortable, my communication casual, my hair in locs, and my eating natural.

I find make-up, hair extensions, high-heels and spandex interesting to look at, and enjoy reading style and beauty bloggers as well as fashion magazines. But only to observe and stay informed on what is going on in that realm.

Ten years ago, for personal reasons, I decided to stop wearing shoes that were not sandals. I adore all types of shoes but any one that would rub against my toenail caused it to fall out and wearing high heels felt like torture.  Having come to terms with all of that, I’ll share my take on high-heels –


They belittled the act of bounding and breaking feet,

outlawing a practice very popular in the east.

When first suggested, it was ridiculed,

to put her to walk on a spike.

Then it was decided that she be convinced

that the pained gait was an attraction he would like.

So she waddled around on the ball of her feet,

ignoring the goring of her heel.

And as generations took up this idiotic tradition,

her womb and equilibrium shifted position.

He made the spikes taller so now she feels

that six inches higher is the pinnacle of appeal.

Walking on stilts and claiming elegance,

wondering why her life is unbalanced.

Since the ridiculous has now become a norm,

she accepts her torture as sexual charm.

Ria – circa 2015