Greetings – Spreading the Love

What better way than though the Liebster Award. It’s an honor to be nominated and a pleasure to share.

Give thanks for the nomination from Catherine and Althea I’m grateful that you thought of me. 

First to keep the love flowing here are my nominees for this award –

Amanda , Ellie , Darlene , Garima , and John

Next are the questions for my nominees

  1. What is your favorite time of day?
  2. Who’s company do you prefer, children, the elderly, or your peers, and why?
  3. What is the fist thing that you think of doing when you have a free moment?
  4. What is your dream vacation destination?
  5. If you could share one gift what would it be?
  6. What is your least favorite chore?
  7. What super power would you like to have?
  8. What of your creations are you most proud of?
  9. What would you change about yourself if you could in an instant?
  10. If you lived in the water what creature would you be?
  11. What would be your one instruction for a happy life?

And finally, 21 answers to the questions I was asked when nominated –

A. Here are my answers to the questions from Catherine. (better late than never J –  Give thanks for thinking of me )

  1. You are having a dinner party. But at this dinner party, you, as the host will be able to invite five guests who have departed this life as we know it. Who would the five be? Why?

Who – The people I would invite are 5 female ancestors from my mothers family

Why –To learn about the origin of my beginnings.

  1. What is your description of happiness?

Happiness to me is healthfulness, mindfulness, awareness, acceptance, detachment and self-love.

  1. Do you believe that most people are judgmental?

I find that people with no happiness can’t help but be judgmental.

  1. You have just received an all-expenses paid trip to go anywhere in the world. Where would you go? Why?

Where – To Africa.  Why – To visit all those ‘Afromantic’ places I’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Do you believe that musical is essential in our lives?

I love music and think it’s essential, I feel that music is an integral part of human existence and reconnects us through the power of vibration.

  1. What is your favorite quality about yourself?

That would be a love of learning everything that has aided my personal growth and most of it from my own initiative and inquisitiveness.

  1. What is your LEAST favorite quality about yourself?

I procrastinate too much.

  1. What would your last meal be?

Fried plantain, roasted ripe breadfruit, and callaloo steamed with onions and garlic.

  1. What is your favorite movie?

One love – Staring Ky-mani Marley & Cherine Anderson.

  1. What makes a friend?

Being a friend.

  1. What is your favorite dessert of all time?

The oatmeal, banana and pumpkin muffins I make on most weekends

B. Here are my answers to the questions from Althea. (Give thanks for thinking of me )

  1. What do you personally think about the Liebster Award?

It is an honor to receive it and be a part of spreading the love.

  1. What would you consider to be your dream award?

I don’t know enough about awards, but they are a pleasure to receive.

  1. What do you do for a living if you had all the money in the world?

I would grow food on a farm.

  1. If you could have any career in the world, what would you choose ?

International Marketing for indigenous craft producers and organic farmers

  1. You have a choice of only three things you can keep for the rest of your life, what are they?

My sanity, my senses and my loved ones.

  1. What inspires you?

I am inspired by blooming, growing and sharing, in people plants and experiences.

  1. Which celebrity / Icon would you like to spend a day with and why?

Who – Marcus Garvey. Why – To find how what he thinks of the impact of his work to date.

  1. What is something you’ve always wanted to try?


  1. What is your most favorite post that you have written?

Jamaican Patios Interpreter

  1. What is your favorite dish?

Fried plantain, roasted ripe breadfruit, and callaloo steamed with onions and garlic.

  1. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

Where ever I could have a conversation with my mother.

Rules of this Award:

  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions of your own for your nominees or you may use the same questions.

Continue to spread the love or chose to do it any other way you want to. Blessed Love